Self-Service Testimonials

Here's what our self-service customers say about us:

The services offered were great!!!! This was my first time here (my dryer broke down at home) and I WILL RETURN !!!! You have created a very comfortable space for me to do my laundry.

James Paino IV

Best laundry EVER! Love all the wonderful attendants! Great Job!

Connie Boyter

Very good experience! Wonderful staff ! Very sweet and helpful !!! Thank you for a great experience!!!!

Hazel Green

Tonight I used the laundromat located in Miracle Mile in Vero Beach and I would like to say thanks for such a nice place. Clean, friendly, extremely helpful and caring. I also liked the convenience of the cash card."

Brenda Puzinas

When I first moved to Florida, half a century ago, we went to the laundry in the strip mall across from what was then Sears town to do our laundry until we got a home and washers and dryers. I didn’t use laundromats until I went off to college. Upon returning to Fort Pierce and making my own home, I found that using the large machines at Sunshine Laundry was much easier, efficient and economical than using a smaller apartment style machine. I do lots of laundry all at once and I find the location open 24 hours, relaxing, safe and well maintained. The WiFi allows me to work while I am there. The attendants are friendly and caring. It’s the best place to do laundry!"

Gean Cary Junginger, Jr.

I've been coming to Sunshine for 11 years. Love how clean the laundromat is. The attendants are all friendly. Sunshine is the best!!!"

Judy Krewson

Been coming to Sunshine for years. I find the staff very helpful and friendly. Equipment is always clean and well maintained. Prices are reasonable."

Doug Craner

Everytime I come to Sunshine, I am greeted with a friendly face and warm greeting. The attendants give me helpful hints on how to do my laundry in the most efficient way. Every attendant is so friendly and truly seems happy to be at work. The cost is amazing, and the washers clean my clothes wonderfully, and the dryers dry my clothes within the first 30 minutes."

Victoria McCalla