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[Tom Rhodes in Sunshine Laundry facility, holding a comforter]

[Music playing] Isn't it comforting to know that you have Sunshine Laundries to wash and dry your bulky bedding? Most home equipment today isn't suited to wash today's big comforters. [Images of a man stuffing comforter in a home washer.] So bring it into Sunshine and we'll do it for you. [Tom Rhodes rubs a comforter on his cheek. Video clip of him falling backwards onto full size bed. ]

Five Sunshine Laundry locations offer Wash, Dry Fold Service. [Words on screen along with logo,, and Tom Rhodes, owner] Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Port Saint Lucie and Okeechobee. So there's probably a Sunshine Laundry near you.

[Dog sniffing around yard]

[Tom Rhodes raises voice] Fido, get off the bed! [Image of plush white comforter with dirty dog paw prints. Sunshine Laundry logo]