Community Washer Program

For charities interested in our Community Washer Application, you have TWO WAYS to APPLY. Please choose one of the following options to apply:

1. Download the application, scan it, then email it to us (see below)

[Please click here to download the form.](/downloads/Community_Washer_Application.docx+) You can then scan and send the completed form here:

* Please fill out all required fields


2. OR Complete the application entirely online using the form below:


How can you promote this fundraiser within your organization? (check all that apply)

Please provide us proof of the organization's 501C3 Status

* Please fill out all required fields


Thank you for your interest in partnering with us! We are so excited about our Community Washer and how it helps bring our community together. We donate 25% of the revenue from a designated washer and dryer to a local charity each quarter. Please complete this application and submit, and we will contact you once a decision is made.

For questions, please Contact us.